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Meet the Marketing Genius

SLOCO Marketing was started by a self taught webmaster and entrepreneur. Natasha discovered her passion for designing websites by creating one for her own massage therapy practice. As soon as she started hearing about the thousands of dollars that other small businesses were spending on mediocre websites, she decided it was time to step up to the plate and help other small businesses.

SLOCO Marketing has developed professional relationships with related vendors that she trusts, and highly recommends to help you give your company a public image that will catch the interest of potential customers.

What We Do

Responsive Website Design


Search Engine Optimization


Content Creation

Design with Efficiency in Mind

We provide well designed sites to ensure that your visitors get a great first impression of you business. We set up your site so it is well organized to encourage people to visit it for information to save you and your employees time answering commonly asked questions. Most importantly, our sites can be optimized for search engines to increase web traffic from sites like Google and Yahoo! to make sure your business gets noticed.

Having a presence on the web has become a very important part of having a successful business. Many people turn to the internet to find the products they’re looking for in their area. Having a well designed website is guaranteed to bring in new clients. SLOCO Marketing is husband and wife team that builds affordable websites for businesses who want to get on the web without going broke.

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Make a great first impression.

It is important to have a website that not only has quality content, but is also well designed (so people will get a great first impression of your business), organized (to encourage people to use your site to find information) and optimized for search engines (so they can find you in the first place)!

Get social!

These are important tools to online marketing. They help you reach your customers, and remind them that you’re still around, without sending them unwanted junk mail. How? Because they actually subscribe to following your business! The best part is, these tools are free and very effective if you know how to use them properly.

Be visible.

We can make sure that your business is listed completely and accurately in internet directories, so other search engines know that your business is legitimate.

Be relevant.

Online journals aren’t just for talking about your personal life anymore. They’re an important part of increasing your search engine rankings and helping your customers find information about your business. We’ll give you a list of ideas that you can refer to throughout the year to keep your blog updated and your site relevant.

Become an expert!

We’ll get your website set up for you, then teach you how to make any updates! No more paying someone $150/hour to make any changes. If after your complimentary one hour tutorial, you don’t feel comfortable changing the content, no worries. SLOCO Marketing will still help you out, we just won’t charge you $150/hour like the other guys.